The island is supposed to open to tourism tomorrow. I will let you know if it is true. I am very skeptical. The Po’ipu malls are mostly closed and the beaches are empty.

Here is the latest update on construction: 

All the beams and posts on the lower balconies have been fixed. All the ceilings of the balconies will remain open till the project is finished. There are a few rotten beams on the upper balconies that have not been tackled yet.

We are ripping up the rotten floors and re sealing and re tiling on building 7 B. Next will be building 7 A, then building 5. It takes two to three weeks per balcony.

When they work on your balcony floor the workers will be walking through your unit. Until the railings get here, there will be two by four wood railings put in for safety reasons.

There are three remodels being done in building 2. There is a remodel being done in building 5 and another one in building 4.

The Kahala pool remains closed until the county stops their expensive (and stupid) cleaning rule.


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