(4-27-2021) Ceilings are going in as crews finish lanais. The images below in the gallery are of Kahala 623. The vent in the center allows the ceiling to remain dry.

(4-24-2021) Building 6 will be complete and all units rentable by end of May.  624 is completed with railing.  633 and 632 tile is complete, grouted and sealed.  622 and 623 have the first coat of the HydroBan membrane, tile starting next week after the new vent and ceiling prototype installed.  If viable, Sal will start reinstalling ceiling as he goes to avoid having to return to the units in the future.  Scaffold and tent erected on 621, demo to start next week.

We have updated the lanai schedule based on observations and discussing with Sal.  We agreed to revisit the schedule when he gets to building 4.
We simplified the graphic so it is clear that owners will not be able to rent while construction is taking place, and may not want to stay either.


(4-18-2021) The lanai replacement project continues to go well. As Sal and his crew work through each building, they are learning techniques to be more efficient. Look for an updated schedule soon but you can expect a twelve week period where you unit is not rentable. 

So far Buildings 5 and 7 are complete. Sal and the crew are working on Building 6.

I’ve attached images that show finished lanais and also what a shrouded unit looks like so you get the idea of why you can’t rent it out!

Also see new pictures of the mailboxes. You can pick up your keys from Marlene in the Poipu Kai office. Be sure to go down to the Koloa post office and fill out an activation form.


Exterior of Kahala unit

Lanais under construction

Tourism opened up again on April 5th. That means more visitors will be staying at Kahala. The parking freedom we’ve experienced is over – and we should go back to parking only in our marked spaces. The visitors slots are for the construction crews and housekeeping. If you need a reserved parking slot, call the Poipu Kai office.

Speaking of construction – this is a picture of a lanai on Building 6. The crew is hard at work replacing the leaking lanais, however the recent rains really set the project back. 

Earlier in the year we shared with you a proposed timeline for each building. We should now add three weeks to those estimates

Kahala exterior

building 6 shrouded in tarps

We know the look isn’t great (unless modern tarp is your thing!). 

The crews are finding more problems with rotting but are diligent in handling any new issues. When this is all over you will have a great new lanai that won’t leak!

Also remember our new email list. If you received an email from simplelists.com make sure to confirm your address so you can receive direct updates.