The balcony project is progressing well.  Building four is presently under construction. They are finding more rotten wood and overcoming balcony support beam issues. It will take time. Building one is next. February?     

There are many rules in our bylaws regarding what is allowed on our lanais that haven’t been enforced.  (Only outdoor furniture, potted plants and certain umbrellas are allowed.) Prior to this massive refurbishment on all the balconies, the owners were responsible for their care and upkeep.  This is now the responsibility of the Kahala homeowner’s association. The Board is asking that all potted plants be removed from upstairs balconies once the new floors are installed. Potted plants retain water during rains. Dirt and moisture build up underneath them. The weight, moisture and dirt combination over time can damage our balcony/lanais. Please make sure that all furniture on the balcony and lower lanais have either plastic or felt feet on anything that touches the tile surface so as not to damage the new tile. 

Most of these units are on the short term rental market. Kahala competes with hotels. Appearance is everything. Please be aware of your balcony/lanai’s appearance to others (especially if your lanai is in view of visitors)  Please take surfboards, bicycles, exercise bikes etc. off your balconies and keep it tidy. 

There is currently a waiting list for reserved parking spots. Please don’t buy or send a car to Kauai unless you have a place to put it. Remember, each unit has ONE parking spot. Visitor parking is used for the occasional visitor to your unit (not a second car from someone who is staying with you for months.) Visitor parking is used by maintenance workers and housekeeping workers, also gutter contractors, railing contractors and our structural maintenance team.  Unfortunately, there are also several Po’ipu Kai Association (PKA) owners who use our lot to access the PKA pool and tennis courts. Kahala Association is currently creating a parking program to identify all cars that are going to be parked in the parking lot, both short term and long term.  Once the majority of the lanai repairs are done, the parking spaces will be re-organized for better Kahala usage (note- your spot to your unit will not change) .

Hope all is well during the holiday season and Aloha from Kauai