First the bad news, our monthly dues are going up almost 17%. We have among the lowest dues increase of any of the Poipu Kai properties. The main reason for the increase, besides inflation, is that the costs of roofs have gone WAY up and we are required to save for a new roof in our reserves.

We passed the termite inspection, but a few units have some local furniture problems. You will hear from our property managers.
The downstairs patio tiles on Building Nine are done and eight is finishing up. Building Seven A and B are next. The downstairs tiles look great, a community upgrade for sure. Remember, upstairs tiles are the property of the homeowners association, downstairs are the property of the unit owners. If upstairs tiles are broken, contact Poipu Kai management and we will fix them and charge you for it. No plants, all furniture needs plastic protectors.
Floods: We have had a couple more floods. Ice makers are a common problem. Our master policy is with State Farm. Please upgrade your condo insurance (HO6 policy) to include a  $50,000 Homeowners Association policy coverage. Owners are responsible for the first $50,000 worth of damages, regardless of the cause. Please get $50,000 coverage on your condo policy. Owners who ignored this are paying dearly. There will be an insurance company mandated plumbing inspection again in January. We are looking into an early leak detection system for the whole development.
Tourist season is not slowing down, folks who were going to Maui seem to be coming here.