Watching the long lines for covid tests, the island residents seem to be gripped with omicron anxiety.The visitors, on the other hand, are coming back in droves. The mayor has calmed down with his restrictions, everything is open again, new businesses replacing old ones. You are supposed to wear a mask indoors, but that’s about it.

Building four is halfway done. Work on building one will start in March on the makai side of the building. Then building nine, finishing with building eight.
Looks like our April 29 owner’s meeting is a go without restrictions. You never know.
Please remember to replace your old water heaters.
Another reminder, Kahala unit owners, not the association, own the windows, front door, sliding glass doors and outside lights. 
More and more owners are wanting to bring cars here and there are no more reserved spots. The visitor spots are for the construction team. The Board will have to figure out the parking situation when all this construction is done. 
Hope to see ya’ll in April!