Building two construction is going well, some railings are done, all the floors will be done in a few weeks. Gutters eventually. 

Scaffolding will go up on Building Four by the middle of October, maybe sooner. They will work on the west side first (units 411, 421.)

Building four will take much longer because of rotten beams that need replacing and because the guys will take Thanksgiving off and some time off Christmas.

Building one will be after building four. Building eight and nine will be early next year. Each building takes about three months.

Most of our main sewer lines have been cleaned. We will restart cleaning individual unit lines this January. Please have your property managers put hair traps in your bathtub drains. We simply can’t afford any more floods. If your water heater is due to be replaced, please do it now. Tourism is way down again.

The Close Down of the island brought us multiple disastrous floods that cost us all a lot of money. Delays in entering the building were a big problem because there are so many inexpensive property managers nowadays (Air B&B, Craigslist, etc.) that have their own keys/entry codes and are often very slow in answering calls from our security team. Our security team has at least fifty keys on their key chain. All the locks will be changed soon to allow for easy access in emergencies.

We are not sure if there will be an in person October meeting yet.