As the lower patios finish up, it is important to remind owners that the upper balconies are the property of the Homeowners Association and will be maintained by us. If a tile is broken, it will cause a leak, please don’t have your property manager’s handyman fix it, the HOA will do the work and send you the bill. We cannot tolerate leaky tiles on the balconies. Broken tiles and worn out grout caused the rotted beams..

The lower patios on building one and two are finishing up. Building four and five will be started soon and then we are done. We can open up some of our parking spaces from the construction project, but we still have repairs and painting that need to be done, so one of the parking lot tents will stay.

Long term heads up: a price estimate for new roofs for Po’ipu Sands and Manaloha with similar roofs as ours are close to four million dollars. Po’ipu Sands needs new roofs now. We have a good five years on our roofs, probably more, BUT we haven’t saved enough money in our reserves. We are not allowed to borrow for “routine” expenses. Remember, the balcony rebuilding was an emergency and the rules allowed us to borrow. We are mandated to have enough reserve money. Be prepared for long term dues increases.

The Board is quite concerned about faulty plumbing and sewer clogs and losing our insurance because of flood claims. We are cleaning the sewers again and we are going into each unit again to inspect the plumbing. Remember, your water heaters should be replaced every eight years.

The rental market was hot over the holidays and the island still feels full of visitors. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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