A whole new wave of Covid flu anxiety has gripped the island. The governor just clamped things down again. It is hard to keep up with all the rules. Check before you come. Plane fares are astoundingly cheap. There is a great deal of anti-tourist sentiment on the island right now and the angry buzz word on the island is “over-tourism.” 

Building three is rentable with new decks and railings. Building two is one-third done, the two middle units are being demoed now. In a couple months, work will start on building four. Building one after that.

REMINDER: When a building is being worked on, the whole building is uninhabitable for two to three months. 

Please have your property managers place screens on your bathtub drains.

Our Board budgeted $50,000 for possible floods last year. We spent $192,000 reimbursing homeowners for water damage in 2020 and 2021 from sewer backups. As a result, our insurance premium is going from about $37,000 a year to $68,000 next year! Obviously, what we are doing isn’t working. We are working on new protocols. 

Please don’t forget to check all your flood warning alarms. 

Gordon LaBedz 

808 634 8535

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