We look forward to seeing you all who can make it for our April meeting. 

Just a quick note. Soon we will be doing a lot of refurbishing work fixing up stucco and dry rot and maintaining our elderly roof. Some of this may disturb your guests, but none of it should take too long.
As I type this, our plumber is inspecting all our units. PLEASE replace your old hoses and valves and take our plumber’s advice. Our neighborhood is old and subject to floods when they are not occupied. Hopefully, you are all covered with $50,000 insurance.
Also, PLEASE tell your property managers to call a plumber for a minor flood leak, you will save thousands of dollars. If you have a big flood or lots of mold, go ahead and call an expensive restoration company. A plumber will charge you a few hundred dollars, a restoration company will  rip up your walls and cabinets and charge you ten thousand dollars or more and make your unit unrentable for months..