Although October is usually “slow season,” the resort is quite full with lots of visitors on the island. The weather feels like summer and it doesn’t cool down much in the evenings yet. The big waves are coming back to the north shore and we saw the first humpback whales September 28.

Condo property values have gone up through the stratosphere.

The balcony rebuilding is almost done, only a few more months… We still want to resurface the downstairs lanais and replace damaged landscaping. The reconstruction project hardly affected our monthly fees at all. The project was a nightmare for our Board and we are glad it is almost over.

The Kahala Homeowners Association Board had its annual budget meeting and it was a tough one. We have got a forty year old roof with concrete tiles that are no longer being made, a pool that needs repair and our painting is three years overdue. Owners and property managers are complaining about the health of our stairwells.  Previous Boards have grossly underestimated the cost of replacing the roofs and the reserves are inadequate. Inflation in Hawai’i is higher than the continent and we are looking at an 18% due’s increase next year. The Po’ipu Kai Association is raising their dues also. The idea is to avoid huge special assessments or loans in the future. It is simply a question of saving for the future. Our management experts are telling us the dues increase should be at 25%. We just simply couldn’t take it and hope Hawaii inflation lightens up next year.

Gordon LaBedz 

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