Tourists are back in full force. Beach parking lots are full. Weather is perfect. Masks are coming off, restrictions are ending.

Building four is done except for the gutters. Our gutter contractor has been having trouble getting workers, so we are behind on gutters in most of the buildings. Building One is under demolition now, next is Nine, then Eight. Each building takes about three months plus or minus.

We have spent our two million all ready and we are about to search for another line of credit before interest rates go sky high. Our landscaping has taken a beating with construction and we still need funds for the downstairs patios.

To prevent flooding and to get quick emergency access, we will be changing and standardizing all the locks in early June.

We look forward to a face to face meeting this April! There will be an owner’s potluck at the Kahala pool at 5 PM on meeting day April 29.

It is March 1 and work on building one has started. Building one, nine and eight have had the most dry rot and that’s why they are last to be fixed. The average has been three months per building.

I want to again thank all the owners who have cooperated with this project and note that this project has been a very difficult for our Board members. We have experienced several delays and unnecessary added costs where we have not had full cooperation and coordination from owners, but overall the construction has gone amazingly smoothly when you consider everything.

We are getting ready to start the urgently required security upgrades that will require re-keying all the locks so that our security team can immediately respond to emergencies like a flooding unit. That project is being manager by our property managers at Po’ipu Kai. If you have questions, call them!
The kitchen drains are being cleaned again and we will do this regularly.
We finally got someone to wash the windows again.
Tourists are back with cheap airline fares even though we have the strictest state Covid rules in the nation.