Kahala made it through the storms with no problems. We had hoped to get the tree trimming done before the winter, but there is a huge labor shortage on the island and everything is going slower than the normal slow. The Board decided that we need to find another way of cleaning our gutters other than walking on our forty year old roof. Our investigation of gutter guards turned up negative. We are still trying to figure it out. 

Building Four construction is about one third done. Building One will probably start sometime in March.

We are building some railings for the stairs on Building Nine. The rains have made it clear that the slippery steps are not safe. 

We have had a couple more floods. We have started a regular process of sewer line maintenance. Here is what we are learning: upstairs units need to have full water flush toilets, all bathtubs and showers need little filter traps to catch hair in the drains, signs not to put tampons in the toilets would be helpful  and, of course, replace your water heater every seven years. PLEASE NOTIFY YOUR ON-ISLAND REPRESENTATIVE!

If you have a car in the reserved spots (or if you leave your car your assigned spot while you are gone) be sure your on-island representative has a key in case it needs to be moved.

It is beautiful here! Happy Holidays!