November is a quieter month on Kauai. They are working on the Poipu Kai pool, on the tennis courts, owners remodeling and the patios are being ground down and tiled.

I learned today at a webinar that Hawaii insurance rates are going to skyrocket. I did not know that claims in Florida and California affect Hawaii premiums. Companies are now classifying Hawaii as a dangerous fire risk. Rates could double because of the Lahaina fire. It is going to be much more expensive to own a condo here.
It is time to give a shout out to all our dedicated board members. The saying goes: “doing Pro Bono work for rich people.” Shawn Cohen is the most amazing. He works all over the neighborhood, fixing things, painting, installing signs, never asking for a dime or any recognition. He always manages to recruit Scott Dahl in his various projects. Scott and Shawn are here a lot and watch the place carefully. Tom Fuller runs our internet as well as working on a Kahala-wide flood alarm system. John Hagen is on top of everything and as treasurer, he watches our money closely. An amazing crew.
When our contractor, Sal Bosco, is done with the patios, he will start the refurbishing and painting. It seems it never ends.

Gordon LaBedz 

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