Aloha Kahala Owners!

The demolition and tile replacement are finishing up on Building Five. February will be building six. Remember, the workers will be accessing your unit. The tiles and equipment are simply too heavy to carry up over scaffolding which would add days of extra work and cost.

The railings and gutters are not up yet. I will let you know.

Kahala has had six floods this year. Two of them cost our association $72,000! That is your money that paid for it. Other Po’ipu Kai condos are also flooding all over the place. None of this would happen if the units were occupied. Please have your on-island representative check your water flow and drains regularly.

The resort is empty and everyone is parking wherever they want right now. No problem. However, when visitors return, we are going to crack down. One vehicle parking spot per unit (including two bedroom units.) If you haven’t paid for your reserved parking spot, we are going to tow you away, same for Kaua’i residents who store their extra vehicles in the Visitor spots. Our construction workers will need those spots. Right now, everything is cool. There are no visitors.

There are five units for sale which is quite unusual. Restaurants that were open are now closed. The “resort bubble” concept seems to be a flop. On the other hand, as an owner, if you can get here and stay, the island is nicer than it has been since the seventies.