Tourist season is in full speed. Everything is going well, Building eight is almost done. The Kahala pool is now salt water (cheaper and healthier), the Po’ipu Kai pool is still chlorine, but plans are to convert it.

We finally found someone to clean our gutters. We plan to tree trim this summer to prevent roof tile damage and to clear your ocean views if necessary. We ordered new walkway lights.

The Po’ipu Kai Association has decided to fix the tennis courts one by one. They did courts five and six and they are now planning to do court four. There will be a little bit of landscaping change around the courts to prevent stormwater run-off. The Po’ipu Kai Board decided to lower the price of the Lanai Room under Kalapaki Joe’s because they weren’t getting any offers.

Feral cats and wild chickens are an Association expense because your guests feed them. A little sign in your unit might help.

Our trees are blooming beautiful flowers. Sweeping the stairways and the front steps are NOT the purview of the homeowners association, please tell your property managers to include the outside as part of their cleaning service.

It is 2024 budget time. The most difficult part of HOA Board duty is trying to figure out next year’s expenses and try not to raise the dues too much. We definitely have to budget for our new balconies to be protected and sealed. Let me know if there are other big capital expenses that we need to budget for.

Gordon LaBedz 

808 634 8535