After three years and 3 million dollars, we fixed the rotten beams and the dangerous railings and everyone got new patio floors. Your Board is breathing a huge sigh of relief. However, it never ends, now we have to fix stucco and paint. Reserved parking spots will be opening up as the construction centers cut back. We made an agreement with our contractor to keep his lift here so that we can use it to rehabilitate our roof without walking on it. We hope to get another ten years out of our roof if we take care of it. The Po’ipu Kai Architectural board has ruled that all condos in Po’ipu Kai need to replace concrete tile roofs with equal (expensive) tile roofs. It is in the Po’ipu Kai By Laws. Manaloha is appealing that decision.

This year, thirty-two Kahala owners are scheduled to replace their eight year old water heaters. We still have 15 yet to finish. Cost is about $2500. Let me know if you need a plumber. We cannot afford another flood. In fact, we are researching a flood detection system. We still have our (inexpensive) State Farm Insurance. Your HOA has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on floods. Please update your policy for a $50,000 deductible. One recent owner just shelled out $25,000 cash because he only had a $25,000 deductible policy.

There are four units for sale at this time, an all-time record. They are asking ridiculous prices.

We will be trimming trees next week. Our main concern is protecting our roofs, our gutters and our cars and sidewalks. Falling coconut fronds are also a concern.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.