On behalf of your Board of Directors, I want to thank 95% of Kahala owners for not giving us a hard time on the balcony project.  Considering what a pain it was for all of us, your cooperation was amazing. It was a structural safety emergency. We had to do it. 

We have had a very rainy winter and we are finding a few problems with stormwater run-off at Kahala, but the original designers did a remarkable job of flood control. 

The vacation rental business has been quite good. Property values have skyrocketed. Po’ipu condos stay on the market less than half a day. Japanese tourists are returning. Businesses are having a hard time finding workers (they aren’t paying enough.) There are tourists everywhere. Local politicians are talking about “managing tourism” and raising taxes on vacation rentals.

The last of the balcony project is still not finished because building eight has had trade wind exposure and has considerably more dry rot. The downstairs patio tile project will probably start in September. Remember, the upstairs balconies are the responsibility of the home-owners association. If your guests wreck the tiles, however, the Association will charge you for the repairs… The downstairs patios are the owner’s responsibility, after the Association puts new tiles on them, you are on your own.

The Po’ipu Kai Association Board incumbents have all decided to re-run for election, so Shawn Cohen and I have withdrawn from the Po’ipu Kai election. 

We have noticed that five and six guests are still packing into one bedroom units. Please tell your property managers to stop renting your unit to big crowds, it increases the wear and tear on your unit and it over burdens our sewage system. It is also very annoying to downstairs units to have so many people stomping around upstairs.

Gordon LaBedz 

808 634 8535