After three years and 3 million dollars, we fixed the rotten beams and the dangerous railings and everyone got new patio floors. Your Board is breathing a huge sigh of relief. However, it never ends, now we have to fix stucco and paint. Reserved parking spots will be opening up as the construction centers cut back. We made an agreement with our contractor to keep his lift here so that we can use it to rehabilitate our roof without walking on it. We hope to get another ten years out of our roof if we take care of it. The Po’ipu Kai Architectural board has ruled that all condos in Po’ipu Kai need to replace concrete tile roofs with equal (expensive) tile roofs. It is in the Po’ipu Kai By Laws. Manaloha is appealing that decision.

This year, thirty-two Kahala owners are scheduled to replace their eight year old water heaters. We still have 15 yet to finish. Cost is about $2500. Let me know if you need a plumber. We cannot afford another flood. In fact, we are researching a flood detection system. We still have our (inexpensive) State Farm Insurance. Your HOA has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on floods. Please update your policy for a $50,000 deductible. One recent owner just shelled out $25,000 cash because he only had a $25,000 deductible policy.

There are four units for sale at this time, an all-time record. They are asking ridiculous prices.

We will be trimming trees next week. Our main concern is protecting our roofs, our gutters and our cars and sidewalks. Falling coconut fronds are also a concern.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing you all who can make it for our April meeting. 

Just a quick note. Soon we will be doing a lot of refurbishing work fixing up stucco and dry rot and maintaining our elderly roof. Some of this may disturb your guests, but none of it should take too long.
As I type this, our plumber is inspecting all our units. PLEASE replace your old hoses and valves and take our plumber’s advice. Our neighborhood is old and subject to floods when they are not occupied. Hopefully, you are all covered with $50,000 insurance.
Also, PLEASE tell your property managers to call a plumber for a minor flood leak, you will save thousands of dollars. If you have a big flood or lots of mold, go ahead and call an expensive restoration company. A plumber will charge you a few hundred dollars, a restoration company will  rip up your walls and cabinets and charge you ten thousand dollars or more and make your unit unrentable for months..

As the lower patios finish up, it is important to remind owners that the upper balconies are the property of the Homeowners Association and will be maintained by us. If a tile is broken, it will cause a leak, please don’t have your property manager’s handyman fix it, the HOA will do the work and send you the bill. We cannot tolerate leaky tiles on the balconies. Broken tiles and worn out grout caused the rotted beams..

The lower patios on building one and two are finishing up. Building four and five will be started soon and then we are done. We can open up some of our parking spaces from the construction project, but we still have repairs and painting that need to be done, so one of the parking lot tents will stay.

Long term heads up: a price estimate for new roofs for Po’ipu Sands and Manaloha with similar roofs as ours are close to four million dollars. Po’ipu Sands needs new roofs now. We have a good five years on our roofs, probably more, BUT we haven’t saved enough money in our reserves. We are not allowed to borrow for “routine” expenses. Remember, the balcony rebuilding was an emergency and the rules allowed us to borrow. We are mandated to have enough reserve money. Be prepared for long term dues increases.

The Board is quite concerned about faulty plumbing and sewer clogs and losing our insurance because of flood claims. We are cleaning the sewers again and we are going into each unit again to inspect the plumbing. Remember, your water heaters should be replaced every eight years.

The rental market was hot over the holidays and the island still feels full of visitors. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

November is a quieter month on Kauai. They are working on the Poipu Kai pool, on the tennis courts, owners remodeling and the patios are being ground down and tiled.

I learned today at a webinar that Hawaii insurance rates are going to skyrocket. I did not know that claims in Florida and California affect Hawaii premiums. Companies are now classifying Hawaii as a dangerous fire risk. Rates could double because of the Lahaina fire. It is going to be much more expensive to own a condo here.
It is time to give a shout out to all our dedicated board members. The saying goes: “doing Pro Bono work for rich people.” Shawn Cohen is the most amazing. He works all over the neighborhood, fixing things, painting, installing signs, never asking for a dime or any recognition. He always manages to recruit Scott Dahl in his various projects. Scott and Shawn are here a lot and watch the place carefully. Tom Fuller runs our internet as well as working on a Kahala-wide flood alarm system. John Hagen is on top of everything and as treasurer, he watches our money closely. An amazing crew.
When our contractor, Sal Bosco, is done with the patios, he will start the refurbishing and painting. It seems it never ends.

Gordon LaBedz 

808 634 8535

First the bad news, our monthly dues are going up almost 17%. We have among the lowest dues increase of any of the Poipu Kai properties. The main reason for the increase, besides inflation, is that the costs of roofs have gone WAY up and we are required to save for a new roof in our reserves.

We passed the termite inspection, but a few units have some local furniture problems. You will hear from our property managers.
The downstairs patio tiles on Building Nine are done and eight is finishing up. Building Seven A and B are next. The downstairs tiles look great, a community upgrade for sure. Remember, upstairs tiles are the property of the homeowners association, downstairs are the property of the unit owners. If upstairs tiles are broken, contact Poipu Kai management and we will fix them and charge you for it. No plants, all furniture needs plastic protectors.
Floods: We have had a couple more floods. Ice makers are a common problem. Our master policy is with State Farm. Please upgrade your condo insurance (HO6 policy) to include a  $50,000 Homeowners Association policy coverage. Owners are responsible for the first $50,000 worth of damages, regardless of the cause. Please get $50,000 coverage on your condo policy. Owners who ignored this are paying dearly. There will be an insurance company mandated plumbing inspection again in January. We are looking into an early leak detection system for the whole development.
Tourist season is not slowing down, folks who were going to Maui seem to be coming here.

Heads up!

The one-time downstairs patio tiling will start at Buildings 8, 9 and 7 in that order. If there is tile on your patio, the demo and replacement should take about a week and a half. A bare patio will take about a week. Plain patio paint will take a few hours. 
Prepping the patios on building eight will start this week. There will be some noisy grinding to level the patio surface. Actual tile application and grouting will start in late August. Sorry, we can’t give you exact dates. The construction world doesn’t work that way.
Tile saws are incredibly noisy.
Please notify your property managers.

Tourist season is in full speed. Everything is going well, Building eight is almost done. The Kahala pool is now salt water (cheaper and healthier), the Po’ipu Kai pool is still chlorine, but plans are to convert it.

We finally found someone to clean our gutters. We plan to tree trim this summer to prevent roof tile damage and to clear your ocean views if necessary. We ordered new walkway lights.

The Po’ipu Kai Association has decided to fix the tennis courts one by one. They did courts five and six and they are now planning to do court four. There will be a little bit of landscaping change around the courts to prevent stormwater run-off. The Po’ipu Kai Board decided to lower the price of the Lanai Room under Kalapaki Joe’s because they weren’t getting any offers.

Feral cats and wild chickens are an Association expense because your guests feed them. A little sign in your unit might help.

Our trees are blooming beautiful flowers. Sweeping the stairways and the front steps are NOT the purview of the homeowners association, please tell your property managers to include the outside as part of their cleaning service.

It is 2024 budget time. The most difficult part of HOA Board duty is trying to figure out next year’s expenses and try not to raise the dues too much. We definitely have to budget for our new balconies to be protected and sealed. Let me know if there are other big capital expenses that we need to budget for.

Gordon LaBedz 

808 634 8535

Not much to report. That’s good. No news is good news.

The last four balconies are being worked on. Our entire low interest loan, 3 million dollars, is going to be just enough. We have spent 2.9 million on the balcony structure replacements. We still have funds to upgrade the downstairs patios which should start in September some time. After that, next year, with a separate budget, we start the “refurbishing” project which includes painting as well as wood and stucco repair. 
The smart guys in the University tell us that  Hawaii will not have a recession, even if the continent does, so rentals should be strong. Unemployment here is two per cent, so it is very, very hard to find contractors who aren’t too busy to return your phone call.
The ocean temperatures are rising from the climate crisis as well as an early El Nino condition which means a more active hurricane season this summer. We are going to make sure the trees are trimmed safely.
Our Board stresses out over property managers who see their only responsibility as leaving off the keys and doing a thorough cleaning. It would be nice if they looked for potential problems like leaking ice makers and slow draining sinks, etc. Visitors rarely report these problems. We are VERY worried that our insurance company will drop us because of too many claims. Please contact your property manager and ask them to do more inspections!

On behalf of your Board of Directors, I want to thank 95% of Kahala owners for not giving us a hard time on the balcony project.  Considering what a pain it was for all of us, your cooperation was amazing. It was a structural safety emergency. We had to do it. 

We have had a very rainy winter and we are finding a few problems with stormwater run-off at Kahala, but the original designers did a remarkable job of flood control. 

The vacation rental business has been quite good. Property values have skyrocketed. Po’ipu condos stay on the market less than half a day. Japanese tourists are returning. Businesses are having a hard time finding workers (they aren’t paying enough.) There are tourists everywhere. Local politicians are talking about “managing tourism” and raising taxes on vacation rentals.

The last of the balcony project is still not finished because building eight has had trade wind exposure and has considerably more dry rot. The downstairs patio tile project will probably start in September. Remember, the upstairs balconies are the responsibility of the home-owners association. If your guests wreck the tiles, however, the Association will charge you for the repairs… The downstairs patios are the owner’s responsibility, after the Association puts new tiles on them, you are on your own.

The Po’ipu Kai Association Board incumbents have all decided to re-run for election, so Shawn Cohen and I have withdrawn from the Po’ipu Kai election. 

We have noticed that five and six guests are still packing into one bedroom units. Please tell your property managers to stop renting your unit to big crowds, it increases the wear and tear on your unit and it over burdens our sewage system. It is also very annoying to downstairs units to have so many people stomping around upstairs.

Gordon LaBedz 

808 634 8535

Although October is usually “slow season,” the resort is quite full with lots of visitors on the island. The weather feels like summer and it doesn’t cool down much in the evenings yet. The big waves are coming back to the north shore and we saw the first humpback whales September 28.

Condo property values have gone up through the stratosphere.

The balcony rebuilding is almost done, only a few more months… We still want to resurface the downstairs lanais and replace damaged landscaping. The reconstruction project hardly affected our monthly fees at all. The project was a nightmare for our Board and we are glad it is almost over.

The Kahala Homeowners Association Board had its annual budget meeting and it was a tough one. We have got a forty year old roof with concrete tiles that are no longer being made, a pool that needs repair and our painting is three years overdue. Owners and property managers are complaining about the health of our stairwells.  Previous Boards have grossly underestimated the cost of replacing the roofs and the reserves are inadequate. Inflation in Hawai’i is higher than the continent and we are looking at an 18% due’s increase next year. The Po’ipu Kai Association is raising their dues also. The idea is to avoid huge special assessments or loans in the future. It is simply a question of saving for the future. Our management experts are telling us the dues increase should be at 25%. We just simply couldn’t take it and hope Hawaii inflation lightens up next year.

Gordon LaBedz 

808 634 8535