We have had very heavy rain here in Po’ipu all week. 


I would suggest that you get your on-island representative to check your empty unit for leaks. Rain is blowing thru south facing louvred windows, uncaulked sliding glass doors and the balconies that are not done yet (special attention to corner units with two balconies.)

Gordon LaBedz 

Po’ipu is still pretty much a ghost town. Great for us who live here. A few restaurants are open part time. The big hotels are all closed.

Buildings 5, 7A and 7B are done! Rotten beams and posts replaced, new floors and waterproofing and new railings are in. Gutters are going up now. Building 6 floors are  being demolished now. Rains and winds have put us a bit behind, building three will be worked on in April.
Our forty year old gutters and irrigation system are being worked on and there are a few remodels being done, so workers are parking anywhere convenient. Mayor Derek is backing off on his clampdown rules April 5, but for now, parking is wherever you want. Reminder, that when visitors come back, parking will be in your one designated spot, more than one car will need a reserved spot.