Lanai replacement

Thank you for those of you who voted – more than 50% of Kahala owners voted to support obtaining a loan to fix balcony and railing issues that have plagued us.

The good news is that the board has re-worked our reserves, putting some items off, so that yearly dues won’t go up as much as first thought.

The bank is already preparing the line of credit loan, which we will use over the next year to address the water intrusion problem permanently. The professionals working on the project have done an outstanding job of prototyping a solution and now are poised to start work in earnest.

You’re probably wondering how this will impact you. We will be working with the contractor to set a schedule for the work. We’ll let you know when we are going to work on which buildings. This gives you time to communicate with your guests and either offer a cancelation or discount. We apologize in advance for the intrusion this project will make. We’re owners like you – so we want to minimize the disruptions.

I’ve included here a photo album showing the new lanais and railings going in. The good news is that the new tile and railings look fabulous!

The Kahala Board


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