We just wrapped up the annual meeting and annual potluck at the pool. Thanks to all who sent in your proxies to give us a quorum.

Here is the update:

The present Board was re-elected. Thanks to our amazing hands-on Board and our honest and super competent property managers, Scott and Marlene and our super competent Hawaiiana money manager, Whit, we feel like we finally have a good handle on things. A few years ago, we were pretty much out of control.

The construction is going very well. The last three buildings that have most of the dry rot are taking longer. Building One is half done. Building Nine is next (July) and finally Building Eight. We took out the loan when the interest rates were 3%, we bought the wood and tile long before prices went up and we were able to finish the most noisy and disruptive part of the project during the Covid clampdown when no one was here. We saved a ton of money. Dumb luck.

The Board is still very concerned about flooding and worried that we will lose our insurance if we have another flood. Most floods come from old water heaters at the end of their life. Please check our website (Www.KahalaOwners.org) to see if your unit is out of compliance. Ice maker pipes to refrigerators are also a problem. All the locks will be synchronized in June so we can enter quickly in an emergency. We are cleaning the indoor drains and the sewer drains on a regular basis and we want to remind you of something that you may have not read in our rules when you bought your property:

Every unit needs an on-island property manager. THIS IS STATE LAW. The on-island representative needs to be able to handle any problems with your property. A cleaning service or an old surfer buddy who lives in Hanalei doesn’t do the trick. They also better have the key to your car in case it needs to be moved for some reason. Call me if you need help on this.

REMINDER: Our electrical system is not modern and cannot take more than one air conditioner per unit. To upgrade our electricity would cost millions. NO TANKLESS WATER HEATERS. If you have one, it is a fire hazard and must be removed immediately.

Financially we are doing quite well and the reserves have actually grown, in spite of the $200 thousand in unbudgeted insurance claims, the doubling of our insurance rates and the $85 thousand cost when the county made us install new back flow valves.

The Board is watching Po’ipu Kai Association closely on plans for the tennis courts and proposed pickleball. We are strongly opposed to adding pickleball because of the noise and we don’t want to see a massive construction project at the courts that will make our neighborhood unrentable.

There is a bill in front of the county council to mandate electric charging stations in all parking lots with a hundred spaces. We are going to have to figure something out quickly if it passes.

If you missed the meeting, again thanks for your proxy. It is gorgeous here, come back soon.


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