Hi everyone! 

The floors, tiles and beams on building two are done. The railings are mostly done, but all should be done this week if the stars are aligned. Scaffolding is going down on building two and going up on building four. Building four may take longer for various reasons, primarily because rotten upper beams will need to be replaced and there will be Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.

Building one will probably start in February.  It too has rotten upper beams and will take longer.

The island still has a bunch of COVID rules that affect our gutter contractors with fourteen day quarantines, so the gutter construction is way behind.

The island is back to normal in the slow season. Living Foods has reopened with new owners, but Tortilla Republic and Ruth Chris are gone forever. Pizzetta in Koloa is also gone. They are starting to build new condos and hotels again. Traffic has returned to the Eastside.

PLEASE have your property managers remove plants from your balcony. They are a source of broken tile and potential leaks. They seem to always be dirty and muddy and attract bugs. After spending two million dollars, we need to protect our investment. Also, lanai furniture with heavy/solid wood/block type legs should have waterproof foot glides, so the furniture legs don’t absorb or hold water and debris and stain the new floor.

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