No worries. Hurricane Douglas passed north of the island. All we got was a nice summer rain, no wind. 

Still no CoVid here.
Since the COVID clampdown, we have had four units flooded. Building 9 and building 2: Clogged sewer pipe from overuse of disposal and a broken ice maker line. EDITORIAL: When I was a kid, we didn’t have ice makers or sink disposals and we did fine. Blame the American consumer culture…

The beams and post replacement project is up to building six, one thru five are done. The third floor balconies will create a building challenge. The contractors are not sure how to do it yet. The beams are extremely heavy.
We still have 64 leaky balcony/lanai floors. The floors on the prototypes on building five are almost done (need grout.) Then comes the railing and the gutters for the three prototypes balconies.
When we find out how much it will cost per balcony, we will figure out what we need. 
It is a blessing that the resort is completely empty.
Gordon LaBedz, Kahala Board President

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