It is awesome here. I hope you can visit soon!

The Lanai Replacement Project is nearing completion.  Our contractor is now working on Buildings 8 and 9. The light at the end of the tunnel is visible. The two last buildings also have the most structural damage. Should be done early next year.

For those of you who may have units with storage lofts now converted to a bedroom, this is a friendly reminder that unpermitted modifications are illegal.  The PKA sewer system is 40 years old and operating above its capacity.  A one bathroom unit should be rented to two people, not four. 

Another concern your Board of Directors has is fire. Our wiring, outlets and circuit breakers are also 40 years old in a damp, salt laden environment, and are starting to experience failures and causing fires in other nearby condos. Please have your electrical panels and wall outlets checked regularly by your maintenance representative or electrical contractor.  Also remember the air conditioner rules and the NO instant-on water heaters.

Our budget preparation meetings were very challenging, and we look forward to the October 17 Kahala Board Meeting to discuss with the owners. Some of the challenges we encountered, is that many of the upcoming “planned“ projects that were identified by previous Boards budgeted far less than what it will actually cost in upcoming years.  Other Poipu condo associations have found roof replacement, exterior painting, and other major projects are costing far more to complete. The dues will be going up. (Please don’t kill the messenger.)

Gordon LaBedz 

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